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Model: DEF00124
Door closers in aluminum with spring. Suitable for aluminum, wood and PVC doors up to a weight of 70/80 kg. Spring tension with screwdriver from point (A). Patented 90 ° stop device that keeps the door fully open (B). Simplicity and speed of installation. All accessories included. Painted with ..
Model: DEF15000
Key lock anti thief. Lock your key in the lock preventing them from being able to turn it off. Can only be used with key slots in HORIZONTAL Lock the key in the lock, which must obligatorily be HORIZONTAL, in half-step position, preventing that from outside they can turn it around or push it out of ..
Model: DEF00123
Metal safety hook for entrance doors. Vertical tilting system (A). Sober and elegant line. Anti-noise shock absorber included. (C) Applies to flush or offset doors (B) adapter included (E). Cover plate. Available in 5 colors: - Golden - Bronze - Satin nickel - Satin gold - White..
Model: DEF00102
Limiter opening for shutters and windows. Suitable for windows and shutters with 2 doors. Three opening points. Length 190 mm.    Available in metal in 5 colors: - Bronze - Golden - Black - White - Satin chrome..
Model: DEF00063
Adhesive door stopper in steel with possibility of fixing even with screws. Rubber knocker. Mm 50x22. Also suitable for armored doors. Available colors: - White - Brown - Bronze - Gold - Chrome plated - Satin Chrome..
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