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Model: MAZZ27050
Rectangular tin tray with side handles and high edgesThanks to this tray you can transport food or drinks more easilyEasy to clean and light to carryColor: greyMaterial: tinSize: 35x26x5 cm..
Model: MAZZ26540
Set of three wooden trays in three different sizes with heart-shaped handlesPractical to use thanks to the presence of the two handles that allow you to carry them in a stable wayThey can be used as a support to bring and serve food and drinksIf decorated they can become an excellent centerpiece or ..
Model: MAZZ27023
Small tin square bucket with spring-shaped handleIt can be used as a container for small objects, for biscuits, for coffee pods, for various snacks during the aperitif and in many other waysIf filled with small flowers or plants it can become an original centerpieceColor: greyMaterial: tinSize: 10x1..
Model: MAZZ26553
Rectangular wooden tray with high edges and heart-shaped handlesIt can be used as a support for cups, for jars or as a centerpiece if filled with flowers or fruitMaterial: woodSize: 25x15x8 cm..
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