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Model: DEF11500
Universal Thermo hanger. Practical universal hanger with 1 hook for heated towel rails (towel warmer), suitable for all models and brands with horizontal tubes of 20 to 26 cm diameter. One package contains two hooks. Available in 4 colors: -White -Pink -Light blue -Transparent  ..
Model: DEF10071
Plank aluminum tools. Plank complete with 4 tool holders and 2 nylon hooks (high strength). Perfect tools holder for brooms, mops, rakes, various tools. Suitable for diameters 20 to 50 mm.  ..
Model: DEF00174
Cover for electrical plugs 12pcs. Safety plugs for 10/16 AP plugs. In each pack you will find 12 power plugs protection!..
Model: DEF10160
Plug Socket Covers 12pcs. Complete with 2 keys for arming and disarming of the cap. In each pack you will find 12 saves!..
Model: DEF13011
Radiator's hanger with double sphere. With two round hooks, suitable for all models of radiators with horizontal tubes with a diameter ranging from 20 to 26 cm. Available in three colors: - White - Transparent - Colored transparent (the choice of color is random)...
Model: DEF13015
Universal hook for heaters. Universal hanger with 2 round hooks for heater. Suitable for all models and brands with horizontal and vertical tubes from ø 20 to 26. Available in different colors: -White -Transparent -Grey..
Model: PIUP0146
Waterproof wireless Speaker. Perfect if you love listening to your music even in the shower and singing all your favorites songs. With microphone to answer if you have an important call. Available in different colors: Blue Black White Yellow Green Pink..
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