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Casette e Trappole

Model: VER5743
Bat box, allows you to offer hospitality to a bat on the terrace or in the garden. Made of imported pine wood, internal grooved surface to facilitate the landing of bats. When the bat leaves it during the winter it can be easily cleaned. This aspect is very important as a house inhabited by bees,..
Model: VER4484
Bollard for birds removes pigeons and birds from windows, balconies, roofs etc... Composed of steel foil length 50 cm and n. 18 stainless steel tips. In blister...
Model: VER4508
Drive off solar-powered moles and rodents working with a small solar panel. Single crystal solar panel. Rechargeable battery included, 1.2 V / 30 mAH with a frequency of 400-1000 Hz. The frequency is stable. Effective range 400 m2. In ABS material. Measures: cm 12 x 12 x 27...
Model: VER4530
Scarecrow ribbon, it is used in proximity to crops such as fruit and vegetables. The glitter of the tape on both sides moved by the wind manages to scare the sparrows. Measures: mm 18 x 30 m...
Model: VER4486
Set of 3 spirals, as well as being a decorative element, they are useful because they reflect the sunlight when they move in the breeze, keeping birds away. Ideal for use in fruit gardens, vineyards etc.  ..
Model: VER4528
In plastic. To be placed in vegetable gardens, gardens, courtyards, terraces. How to use it: the container is placed in the area where there are many snails, near the vegetables, bushes, in tall grass. Beer is put in the container so that its fragrance attracts snails into the container. 2 pcs in il..
Model: VER4529
In plastic. To be hung outside, and the container is to be filled with water and sugar or honey. 2 pcs in illustrated box.  ..
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