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Model: VER3965
Working width: trident 6 cm square tip 5 cm. Total length 32 cm.  ..
Model: VER4599
Green PVC cord, antifreeze. Ecological, free from heavy metals. Ideal for tying any type of plant Mini clew in single packaging Cord Ø 2 mm  ..
Model: VER2934
Fertiliser spreader Perfect to spread and fertilisers in the green areas of the garden in summer, salt and sand on the paths in winter. The hopper with grid is made of very sturdy plastic. It is armed with pneumatic tyres that gave to him a better portability. This spreader is quick and easy to asse..
Model: VER3075
Floral shovel ideal for small gardening jobs. Working width 7 cm. Total length 27 cm In aluminium. Ergonomic.  ..
Model: VER6121
Hoe with double tip one flat and the other with 2 teeth, very resistant ideal for do-it-yourself for the vegetable garden and garden. Sturdy handle and handle, can be used for daily work due to its very light weight. Material: forged steel. With round eye Ø 30 mm. Hoe size 8 x 27 cm. Ash wood handl..
Model: VER2926
To sow lawns and gardens, fertilise with granular fertilisers, spread salt to prevent the formation of ice. Evenly distributes from 1.80 to 3.60 m. Measures 24x22,5 cm h21cm.  ..
Model: VER6761
It prevents the growth of weeds avoiding the use of herbicides. Keeps the product clean for the harvest (ideal for vegetables). Riduce il fabbisogno idrico delle piante. m 1,5 x 10...
Model: VER2951
Multipurpose bag suitable for the collection of leaves, grass, light waste, children's toys, clothes, etc. ... It opens and closes with a spring and takes up little space. Lightweight and easy to handle. Always at your fingertips. Multipurpose for the home and the garden. Measures diameter 48 cm x ..
Model: VER6173
Ideal for working the land. In pressed steel. Wooden handle 130 cm. Measures 25 x 29 cm...
Model: VER5816
The 30 g/sqm nonwoven fabric creates a micro climate in the winter protecting the plants in culture and in pots Air and water permeable, UV resistant, guarantees crop protection from the cold Suitable for outdoor plants such as oleander, lemon, aromatic plants such as rosemary, sage, etc. Protective..
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