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Abbigliamento e Accessori

Model: VER5068
Bag net with hat, an excellent solution that provides face protection from insects while working in the vegetable garden and garden. Blister packaging..
Model: VER4912
Garden glove for children in leather and cotton, fantasy design, resistant. Excellent to bring children closer to the world of gardening, devote theirself to the care of flowers and plants.Excellent to involve children in small jobs helping the older ones.  Size S Weight: 30 g Height: 22 c..
Model: VER4923
Garden glove in leather and grooved canvas with palm in soft leather lined with soft cotton and back with striped fabric inserts that ensure optimum breathability; suitable for medium-heavy duty tasks Sizes M - L - XL..
Model: VER5005
Multi-pocket pouch with a sturdy and light belt, reinforced in the most stressed parts. With multiple pockets, it can accommodate scissors or small tools. Complete with belt, practical and elegant...
Model: VER5063
Multicolor raincoat for 6-8 years old children, in PVC, in three assorted colours, with cap and pockets, botton closure. It will allow children to continue having fun outdoors even if it rain, without getting wet.One size 6-8 yearsVideo..
Model: VER5009
Tool holder with a sturdy and light belt, reinforced in the most stressed parts. With three pockets for scissors or small tools. Complete with adjustable belt...
Model: MAZZ23017
Colored umbrella for children with wooden handle in the shape of a fairyA colorful and fun umbrella that will surely like to all childrenExcellent for sheltering children from the rainSize: cm 65Handle material: woodFour different fairies to choose from: - fairy with yellow dress - fairy with blue..
Model: VER5000
Polyester apron washable, ideal for housework, gardening and DIY. With a pocket to hold tools. A new lightweight and durable fabric. Innovative design...
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