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Irrigatori per vasi

Model: VER5997
The automatic self-watering probe allows to water the potted plant automatically for long periods of absenceCeramic humidifier with 108 cm long tube that carries water to the humidifier Suitable for rises of up to 90 cmSuitable for vases with 20-25 cm diameter Water capacity 15 cl a dayHow to u..
Model: VER5995
Self-watering probe for bottles, ceramic cone that allows the water to filter slowly and controlled, it allows to keep the soil moist. Ideal for all plants, both outdoor and indoor. Suitable for short periods of absence.It can be adapted to almost all 0.5 or 2 litre plastic bottles Suitable..
Model: VER5996
Simple and efficient, thanks to the semi-automatic irrigator it can water potted plants during long or short periods of absence. Ceramic humidifier with 80 cm long tube that carries water to the humidifierSuitable for rises of up to 30 cmSuitable for vases with 15 - 25 cm diameterWater capacity 10 c..
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