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Model: VER4224
Scissors for grass 360 ° cutting positions. Teflon-coated anti-rust corrugated blades. Soft PVC handle. ABS body with safety catch. The blade with cutting outlet reduces the working time by 30%...
Model: VER4188
Anvil aluminum scissor. Hinged cutting for a clean and clean cut. SK5 steel blade. Rubber bumpers. Comfortable handle in anodized aluminum covered in PVC. Blister pack. cm.21 - gr.210...
Model: VER4192
Double-edged scissors in forged steel. Tempered blades, PVC coated grip. Recommended for pruning fruit trees. Blister pack...
Model: VER4131
Ergonomic scissors. Mobile counterblade cutting. Teflon coated steel blade. Comfortable handle, rubber bumpers. Blister pack. Measure: Cm 21...
Model: VER4185
Ergonomic scissors Φ25mm. Cutting movable counter blade. Blade and counter blade in SK5 steel. Rubber bumpers. Comfortable handle in anodized aluminum covered in PVC. Blister pack. cm 21 - gr. 250...
Model: VER4133
Scissors garden.Lame in carbon steel SK5. Aluminum handles with rubber inserts. Cutting diam. 20 mm. Blister pack. Measures cm 20...
Model: VER3079
Floral scissors. Length 20 cm. Mobile counterblade cutting. Teflon blade. In aluminum. Ergonomic...
Model: VER4193
Pruning shears in forged steel. Raw handle. Wire cutting preparation. In blister...
Model: VER4226
3 cutting positions. Anti-rust steel blade. PVC coated steel handle. Security lock.  ..
Model: VER4138
Scissors indicated as well as for the harvest to cut flowers, for DIY etc ... Quality steel blade for a clean and clean cut. Comfortable ABS handle. Blister pack. Measures: cm 19...
Model: VER4384
Scissors with long rod from cm.180 to 300 with locks. Aluminum rod, very light, extendable from 1.8 to 3 m. Teflon-coated blade for a clean and precise cut. Comfortable grip when using two hands to cut. Telescopic handle...
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