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Tavoli e Sedie

Model: DEF00046
Steady hook tablecloth 4 pcs in shockproof ABS material to be fixed in a moment, the tablecloth will be firm at the table even in the presence of wind Measurements: Dim. each (L x H x D) 1.5 x 6 x 5.5 cm approx. /> Table thickness: from 0 to 7 cm Available in five colors: -White -Nero -Yellow..
Model: DUELN001809
Extendable table in aluminum. Elegant and perfect for outdoors. Measurements: 89x150 cm (maximum length: 210 cm) Available in two colors: White Gray..
Model: DUEJE002483
aluminum. Tall and round with 4 feet. Height: 70 cm..
Model: MAZZ23183
Clip with a married couple drawn and placed in a small jar together with a red heartAn excellent placeholder ideal to be placed above the tables during the wedding dayIt can be used as a wedding favor to give to various guestsThanks to these clips you will give an extra touch to your ceremonySize: 1..
Model: DUERO006009
Wooden bench. Dimension: 120x62x82 cm  ..
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