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Model: DEF00031
Suction cup door stopper. Suction cup in rubber. Stop the door in any position. Mm 90. Available colors: - Transparent - Brown..
Model: DEF00069
Fermaporta adesivo in abs. Battente in gomma antirumore. Mm: 48x37. Colore: Marrone (disponibili altri colori in altre inserzioni) INFORMAZIONI UTILI Il pagamento deve essere effettuato entro 4 giorni. Dopo tale termine, si è automaticamente segnalati come utenti non paganti, non ci saranno ecce..
Model: DEF00089
Door lock with magnet. Door lock in adhesive ABS. Steel plate with adhesive to be applied to the door. Strong magnet. Mm: 48x32. Available colors: - White - Golden - Chrome plated - Satin chrome - Brown..
Model: DEF00032
Door stopper in flexible stainless steel (complete kit). Mm 47x47. With adhsive support and plate. Available colors: - White - Red..
Model: DEF00063
Adhesive door stopper in steel with possibility of fixing even with screws. Rubber knocker. Mm 50x22. Also suitable for armored doors. Available colors: - White - Brown - Bronze - Gold - Chrome plated - Satin Chrome..
Model: DEF00072
Rotating door stopper. It is used with a door leaf or door lock. You act with the foot. You can install it with adhesive or with plug. Mm 90. Available colors: - White - Brown..
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