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Cofanetti Legno

Model: MAZZ05042G
Case with rounded lid that can be used to hold various objectsIt can be used as a container for documents, small tools, jewelry and much moreMaterial: woodMisura: 14x9x8 cm..
Model: MAZZ26515
Set of two large wooden trunks with flat lid and a secure hook closureThe set can be used for various functions: from a useful container of various objects to a piece of furniture for every corner of your homeYou can personalize them using all your imagination and make them a perfect giftMaterial: w..
Model: MAZZ62022
Book keyholder to hang up on the wall. It holds the keys tidily, safe and easy to set up, thanks to the internal six hooks. Material: colored wood. Measurements: 22x7x28 cm. Internal hooks: 6 Lateral front opening. Drawing: rock fantasy. No padlock Thickness 7 cm Weight: 1.09 No hole but..
Model: MAZZ30658
Wooden coffer case ideal for holding various small objectsThanks to its design it becomes a very original decorative element that allows you to give an extra touch to your bedroom or your living roomMaterial: woodSize: 9x5x5 cm..
Model: MAZZ60205
Multiple Picture frame for 11 pictures of different dimesions; to hang on the wall or to place on a piece of furniture. Accesory perfect if you wanna have a cosy room and to keep your best memories. Material: PVC. Available colors: - light blue - white - pink - black - red Dimensions:..
Model: MAZZ26521
Square wooden box with very robust snap closureYou can use it as a container for various types of objects such as bracelets, necklaces, ringsThanks to the robust closure you can take it with you without the risk of it openingMaterial: woodSize: 24x24x6 cm..
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