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Model: DEF11500
Universal Thermo hanger. Practical universal hanger with 1 hook for heated towel rails (towel warmer), suitable for all models and brands with horizontal tubes of 20 to 26 cm diameter. One package contains two hooks. Available in 4 colors: -White -Pink -Light blue -Transparent  ..
Model: MAZZ23240
Rectangular blackboard with clip, useful for leaving messages, writing information and phrasesExcellent object to decorate tables, shops, shop windows, it can also be used as a placeholder for dinners, parties, events of various kindsBlack color with white edges and white clips Wood materialSiz..
Model: MAZZ24034
Black erasable small wooden blackboard with string to hang it, available in three different shapesIdeal for decorating your home, your shop or for parties and birthdaysAn object that even children can use to write and drawSize: cm 18Material: woodThree different shapes to choose from: - blackboard ..
Model: MAZZ28553
Wooden and aluminum wind chimes, ideal as decoration for the house and for outdoor spacesThanks to its sound an atmosphere of peace and serenity will spread in the environment Color: greyMaterial: wood and aluminumSize: 60 cm..
Model: MAZZ23241
Heart-shaped blackboard with clipIdeal for writing messages, phrases, important informationA perfect object for decorating tables, it can act as a placeholder during parties, dinners, birthdaysBlack color with white border and white clipWood materialPack consisting of 4 blackboardSize: 6,5x4,5 cmCli..
Model: MAZZ26951
Hourglass toothbrush holder for children with three different animals: frog, ladybug and catA fun and at the same time educational and useful object to teach children the importance of brushing their teethAn original toothbrush holder and an excellent gift ideaSize: 8x8 cmMaterial: woodThree differe..
Model: MAZZ28551
Mercury wind chimes to hang in the house or outdoor in the gardenThrough its sound it will create an opportunity for peace and tranquilityMaterial: wood and aluminumColor: shade from grey to white Size: cm 80..
Model: MAZZ27062
Small tin bucket with handleThe small bucket is perfect for use on any occasion: it can contain small flowers or plants, it can be used as a food container during parties and it can also be used as a decorative objectColor: greyMaterial: tinSize: 11x11 cm..
Model: MAZZ28550
Wooden and aluminum wind chimes, ideal as decoration for indoor and outdoorThanks to its sound an atmosphere of peace and tranquility will be createdColor: shape from grey to whiteMaterial: wood and aluminumSize: cm 84..
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