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Bat box

Bat box
Bat box

Bat box, allows you to offer hospitality to a bat on the terrace or in the garden.
Made of imported pine wood, internal grooved surface to facilitate the landing of bats.
When the bat leaves it during the winter it can be easily cleaned.
This aspect is very important as a house inhabited by bees, for example, would no longer be of interest to bats in the following spring.
It is advisable to place the bat box as high as possible, no less than 4 meters, on the wall of the house or on a plant, leaving a free space around the house to allow the landing of bats.
More small houses in the same area further facilitate restocking, but they must be placed a few meters away from each other.
The bat box offers a concrete contribution to the conservation of a species at risk of extinction and a precious ally in the fight against mosquitoes and insects that damage our crops.
Dimensions: cm 9 x 23 x h 33.


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