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Model: MAZZ21220
Animal puzzles with knobs for children. Ideal for developing sensory perception and developing hand-eye coordination for children. Excellent for learning and having fun at the same time.  Size: 30x23 cm..
Model: MAZZ20533
Puzzle for children, with colored fish and with magnetic fishing rod, wood material. Very fun game that allows both to catch fish with the fishing rod and to reposition them in their boxes. Size: 30x23 cm..
Model: MAZZ21222
Puzzle with the map of Europe, to make the various European states learn even to the little ones, with the information and monuments characterizing each state. Ideal for learning geography in an alternative and fun way. Size: 30x30 cm..
Model: MAZZ21223
Puzzle of the geographic map of Italy, with all the information and the most characteristic monuments of each Italian region, wood material. Ideal for learning Italian geography even for the youngest and having fun at the same time. Size: 30x30 cm..
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