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Giochi da Tavolo

Model: MAZZ21336
Funny toy slingshot made in the shape of a branchAn educational game for childrenMaterial: woodSize: 10x20 cm..
Model: DUEJE004826
Brown football table . Safe and fun for all ages. Dimensions: Length 79 cm, width: 121 cm, height: 61 cm Available in two different colors: - brown - black with the word "soccer" on the side..
Model: MAZZ23225
Owl-shaped wooden coat hanger, with hookCommunicate your favorite subject when orderingThe price refers to a single subjectMaterial: woodSize: 10x8 cmThree owls to choose from:- yellow owl - pink owl - purple owl..
Model: MAZZ20923
Cute and colorful wooden xylophone for childrenA fun and educational game at the same timeMaterial: woodSize: 33x14 cm..
Model: MAZZ20801
Domino game with wooden boxExcellent pastime for young and old peopleA board game that will entertain everyone and will develop the children's ability to think, also training the movements of his handMaterial: woodYears + 36 mesi Size: 15x5x3 cm..
Model: MAZZ20808
Container with domino cards depicting farm animalsA fun and educational game through which children can learn the farm animalsMaterial: woodSize: 15x8x5 cm..
Model: MAZZ20828
Envelope containing chess32 piecesPossibility to take them with you anywhereAn excellent pastime for young and old peopleA fun game to play in company with friends and family, creates a great involvementMaterial: wood Size: cm 3-6Years + 36 months..
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