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Model: MAZZ20407
Traditional wooden abacus with ten slats and colored balls. It allows children to learn to count and to recognize colors: a fun and alternative way to learn maths by playing. Size: 23x27 cm..
Model: MAZZ20801
Domino game with wooden box, excellent pastime for young and old people. A board game that will entertain everyone, will develop the children's ability to think, also training the movements of his hand. Size: 15x5x3 cm..
Model: MAZZ21223
Puzzle of the geographic map of Italy, with all the information and the most characteristic monuments of each Italian region, wood material. Ideal for learning Italian geography even for the youngest and having fun at the same time. Size: 30x30 cm..
Model: MAZZ24024
"Memory tin box" game for children, wood material. Suitable for games in pairs, in groups and in teams, ideal for socializing children with their peers, having fun together and learning in an alternative way. Size: 19,5x13x3 cm..
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