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Model: MAZZ20407
Traditional wooden abacus with ten slats and colored ballsEducational game that allows children to learn to count and to recognize colors: a fun and alternative way to learn maths by playingMaterial: wood Size: 23x27 cmYears + 36 months..
Model: MAZZ23217
Wooden animals with sliding ballsAn ideal educational game for children who are learning the first movementsLight and easy to grabMaterial: woodThree animals to choose from: - horse - cow - dogSize: 12x13 cmYears + 12 months..
Model: MAZZ22501
Wooden yo-yo depicting three different animals: frog, duck and ladybugA fun and educational game that stimulates the child's motor skillsSize: 6 cmMaterial: woodYears + 36 monthsThree different animals to choose from: - ladybug - frog - duck..
Model: MAZZ20559
Colored multiplication tables in wood for childrenA fun and educational game that allows children to learn multiplication tables in an alternative wayMaterial: woodSize: 17x17 cmMultiplication tables from 1 to 10..
Model: MAZZ22509
Colored wooden spinning top available in four different patternsAn educational and fun game and a perfect gift for the little onesSize: cm 6Material: woodYears + 36 monthsFour different colors to choose from: - red spinning top - blue spinning top - green spinning top - yellow spinning top..
Model: MAZZ20923
Cute and colorful wooden xylophone for childrenA fun and educational game at the same timeMaterial: woodSize: 33x14 cm..
Model: MAZZ20863
Colored train for children with two wagons, consisting of a locomotive and two wagonsA fun and educational game at the same timeMaterial: woodSize: 32 cm..
Model: MAZZ20801
Domino game with wooden boxExcellent pastime for young and old peopleA board game that will entertain everyone and will develop the children's ability to think, also training the movements of his handMaterial: woodYears + 36 mesi Size: 15x5x3 cm..
Model: MAZZ20808
Container with domino cards depicting farm animalsA fun and educational game through which children can learn the farm animalsMaterial: woodSize: 15x8x5 cm..
Model: MAZZ20897
Colored wooden labyrinth for children available in 6 different patternsA fun and educational game that allows the development of logic from the early yearsAvailable in 6 different patterns: - red - yellow - orange - light blue - green - purpleMaterial: woodYears + 36 monthsSize: 12x12 cm..
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