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Model: DUELN001509
Box for children. Composed of four panels. Safe and colorful for your children. Available in four different sizes: - 100x53 cm - 105x75 cm - 150x80 cm..
Model: MAZZ20897
Towable wooden cart with colored wooden constructions to create new shapes and learn how to build. Equipped with a rope that offers the child to tow it, a game very suitable to be used also as in couple or in group. Size: 12x7 cm..
Model: MAZZ24036
Castle with ten pieces including animals, people, trees. Ideal for entertaining children alone, in company of one or more friends. With this game children use all their imagination, during the game they create stories and adventures. Size: 20x14x20 cm..
Model: MAZZ20593
Wooden construction, fun game of colored constructions for children that allow you to build and create animals, consisting of 38 wooden pieces. Ideal game to listen to the child to have fun and learn at the same time. Size: 16x16 cm..
Model: MAZZ20801
Domino game with wooden box, excellent pastime for young and old people. A board game that will entertain everyone, will develop the children's ability to think, also training the movements of his hand. Size: 15x5x3 cm..
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