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Model: DUEMI010256
Two-seater kayaks. It can support up to 160kg. Dimension: 321x88 cm. Remi included...
Model: DUEAL004549
Big slide for children. Safe and perfect for outdoors. Blue ladder, red descent Length: 135 cm Width: 210 cm Height: 67 cm..
Model: MAZZ34009
hanging blackboard, perfect for children for play, but also for the office or your house to take notes, stable and robust. Small and easily movable. An hook included Weight: 0,2 KG Thickness: 1,2 CM Size: 30x45 cm...
Model: DUELN001509
Box for children. Composed of four panels. Safe and colorful for your children. Available in four different sizes: - 100x53 cm - 105x75 cm - 150x80 cm..
Model: DUEJE004826
Brown football table . Safe and fun for all ages. Dimensions: Length 79 cm, width: 121 cm, height: 61 cm Available in two different colors: - brown - black with the word "soccer" on the side..
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