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Model: VER5737
Hut house for small birds with roof covered with leaves, excellent shelter for birds in natural material that can be confused with the trees of the garden. It is advisable not to leave the house directly under atmospheric agents such as water, snow or hail. Entry hole Ø cm 5.5. Dimensions: cm 16 x..
Bat box
Hot Pre-Ordinabile
Model: VER5743
Bat box, allows you to offer hospitality to a bat on the terrace or in the garden. Made of imported pine wood, internal grooved surface to facilitate the landing of bats. When the bat leaves it during the winter it can be easily cleaned. This aspect is very important as a house inhabited by bees,..
Model: CROO6072515
Original and fun birdhouse available in the manger version with nest. All the houses are hand painted and made with quality materials to give color and vitality to your garden! Measures: 23 x 23 x 51,8cm.  ..
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