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Model: VER2238
Grass box for white pickled cats composed of a compact soil in coconut fiber, a film in the base shaped for soil and seeds of high germination.   Inside you will find instructions that will help you with the preparation.   Dimensions of the box: 23 x 14 x 6..
Model: CROC6098091
Flying game ball for cats. Small colored ball hanging by a thread: all you need to entertain your four-legged friend. Dimensions: 4 cm..
Model: CROC6066271
Pet toy Frolican bolt for your four-legged friend. Your little friends will be busy having fun through a moving laser light...
Model: CROC6066259
Rotating game with two laser lights for your four-legged friend. Perfect to entertain your pets, with a brand new game...
Model: CROC6066427
Rotating game with a laser light for your four-legged friend. Perfect to entertain your pets, with a whole new game..
Model: CROC6066036
Toy Egg-cersizer for cats. This game will keep your cat interested and especially stimulated in continuing to play with it, because it will receive random rewards. It can be adjusted by opening 1, 2 or all 3 holes in order to customize and increase or decrease the challenge for your four-legged frie..
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