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Model: CROC2058038
Carrier for machine. Maximum comfort, impact resistant, and U.V. rays Produced with non-toxic materials; the bottom is draining and removable. Full-metal wire mesh doors with double safety closing. At the top there are ventilation grids and also there are two storage compartments. Available in ..
Model: CROC2058136
Dog carrier for machine. Comfy and easy to disassemble so that you can easily clean it. With all the grills, the air recirculation is excellent, transportable through the handles. Wheels and two bowls are included. Measurements: 122x83x90 cm Complies with IATA standards...
Dog Barrier with two traverse
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Model: CROC6BI0004
Practical dividing net for car in black elastic net, and adjustable tension. It can be fixed with the kit of hooks (included) or to the handle of the car...
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Model: CROC2178428
Dog carrier with adjustable handles. Suitable for small dogs with a comfortable and spacious front pocket, adjustable handles, in nylon Avaiables colours: Red/blue, bordeaux/yellow, Brown/beige. Measures: 49x23x31 cm..
Model: CROC2078213
Small dog carrier sling hands free for outdoor travel. Safe and comfortable for your small pet, made in cotton with outside pockets that will help you bringing all that your dog needs. Available colors: blue, green Measures: 41x26x17 cm..
Model: CROC6066188
Ramp for light ultralite dogs.   With its sturdy structure entirely made of plastic, it is very light indeed weighing only 4 kg but it holds over 91 kg. Safe thanks to the    high traction walking surface and the four rubber feet, which offer a stable support. The integrated safety release bloc..
Model: CROC6AS0350
Muzzle in nylon for your four-legged friends. Practical and comfortable and available in 9 different msure N.0 A = 13cm B = 18cm C = 8cm Example breeds = Toy, Yorkshire N.1 A = 14cm B = 20cm C = 8cm Example breeds = Jack Russel / West terrier N.2 A = 16cm B = 22cm C = 9cm Example breeds = Cocker Spa..
Model: CROC6058996
Practical stroller to transport your four-legged friends. It can contain animals up to 15kg of total weight. Easy to clean and close, with inlet and control openings. Also composed of a storage compartment, and a soft padded cushion. The hooks make it safe and the rain cover included, makes it p..
Model: CROC6066075
Deluxe Telescoping Ramp for dogs. Ideal for puppies, old dogs, small or short-legged dogs. It allows your dog to get off safely from a sofa, bed, vehicles or anything else. Composed of aluminum and plastic, it is light but strong, it is also very easy to use it: you just have to slide it! It als..
Model: CROC6020383
Muzzle a basket for your four-legged friends. Comfortable and practical. Available in 7 different sizes: XS: Ø 14. Reference breed: JACK RUSSEL TERRIER S: Ø 17 Reference breed: FOXTERRIER M: Ø 20 Reference breed: BORDER COLLIE L: Ø 22 Reference breed: SETTER XL: Ø 26 Reference breed: ROTTWEILER XXL..
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