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Model: CROC6066966
Dog toy Bristle bone. This game has 3 different surfaces to bite, the resistant nylon bone, the rubber nodules and the nylon bristles stimulate the gums and help clean the teeth. Reusable rings encourage the dog to chew and reward good chewing behavior. Available in three sizes: XS: 10cm S: 1..
Model: CROC6066271
Pet toy Frolican bolt for your four-legged friend. Your little friends will be busy having fun through a moving laser light...
Model: CROC6066928
Pet toy waggle for dogs. A comfortable toy for your four-legged friends: reward them if they chew correctly, and the rewards will come out casually while the game is moved or shaken. Very soft, both on the sides and in the center, perfect for all puppies. Available in two sizes: XS M/L..
Model: CROC6066259
Rotating game with two laser lights for your four-legged friend. Perfect to entertain your pets, with a brand new game...
53,90€ 58,90€
Model: CROC6066427
Rotating game with a laser light for your four-legged friend. Perfect to entertain your pets, with a whole new game..
Model: CROC6066944
Dog toy Bouncy bone This game consists of: nylon bone, rubber ball and raw leather biscuits, satisfies all dogs and will make them chew fun. Available in two sizes: S M..
Model: CROC6098459
Woodden retrieving dumbbell. Fantastic to make your four-legged friend play and meanwhile teach him to bring it back after having launched it. Available in 3 sizes: 22x6.5x6.5 cm 24x6.5x6.5 cm 27x7.5x7.5 cm..
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