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Collari e Guinzagli

Model: CROC2078181
Very comfortable, with short handles, two straps and a small front pocket, on the bottom there is a rigid part and on top is padded. Easily washable. The maximum weight supported is 7 kg. Available in two colors*: -Black with pink edges -Green with white edges Material: Nylon Measures: 38x26x31 *..
Model: CROC2078171
Elegant bag, travel bag for dogs or cats. It is equipped with long shoulder strap, short handles and two comfortable front pockets for every transport need. Easily washable. Available in two colors*: -white and brown -gray and pink Material: Nylon Measures: 38x27,5x20 cm. Minimum shoulder length ..
Model: CROC5061170
The line is made in soft black leather with high thickness. Silver metal parts and red stitches make items elegant, modern and original. size: 1,7 x 86 cm...
Model: CROC5061182
Line made of soft, thick black leather. The silver-colored metalwork and the red cutiture give the items elegance, modernity and originality.    ..
Model: CROC5061180
Line made of soft black leather. The silver-colored metalwork and the red cutiture give the items elegance, modernity and originality.  ..
Model: CROC5061165
  The line is made in soft leather with high thickness. Silver metal parts and black color leather make these items classic, elegant and modern at the same time. Size: M,L  ..
Model: CROC5080359
Black leash imitation leather for your four-legged friends. With the pearls surrounding the collar, it will make every walk more elegant.    Available in two sizes: XS SM..
Model: CROC5020183
Black muzzle for boxers. Guarantees maximum protection without affecting the physiological functions of the dog such as: .Breathng both from the nose and from the mouth, in quand the particular shape allows an easy opening of the mouth .Ability to move and drink by pulling the tongue out or placing ..
Model: CROC5061501
The line is made with vegetable-tanned leather that has been curried and oiled so it is soft and smooth to the touch. This type of treatment also makes the leather waterproof and extremely strong. The metal hardware is treated with an antique brass finish that is particularly weather resistant. Thes..
Model: CROC5AR0200
Elizabethan collar for your pets. Useful to prevent they from licking their wounds; tear off stitches or dressings. Available in 8 different sizes: 7.5cm 10cm 12.5 cm 15 cm 20 cm 25 cm 30 cm 40 cm To be sure you have taken the perfect fit, check the parameters shown on the photo...
Model: CROC5061842
Special oval shaped collars, perfect for all dogs breeds with long neck as Greyhound but also Dobermann, Dalmatian, Dachshund and Grate Dane. For these dogs, the neck measurement is taken considering the highest and thinner part of this last one. Calf leather with special imitation leather lining S..
Model: CROC5066229
A high-quality nylon, soft and resistant, packaged with cutting-edge machinery combined with elegant yet tenacious materials. Products made to accompany your pet from a simple walk to the most demanding activities and always with safety and comfort. Measures: LG 27-59kg. Color: - Black: CROC506622..
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